From MS Weddings

From MS Weddings

I have been straining to find less costly flowers that are pretty. Of course, I really didn’t expect to fall in love with any of these flowers, but I have fallen for- the C word- carnations! When I first started, I swore that I would never use them. Now, I am eating my words, with vigorous gusto no less….

Often treated as a dirty little floral secret, when going for a “look” rather than arrangement, these do a marvelous job. They create an air of whimsy, a cheeky and fun setting. Martha has been using them for years (see the photos on the right- undeniable lovely!)

For small pieces, the key is to use them alone, in one color, or shades of that color, or with only one other flower (the carnations would be the “backdrop” so to speak). When you start mixing them with other flowers, they may start to look a little, well, less glamorous. And accessories- the container, favors, linens- become super important with flowers like this.

From MS Weddings

From MS Weddings

For large pieces, they have to be used in large groupings of carnations, and they can have almost the look of a peony.  Look at my peony tree- most of this is groupings of carnations, and leaves. The carnations are a vibrant fuchsia and deep burgundy. This piece is about 60% carnations! And only about 10% peonies, which visually, are the predominant flower.




Which is the peony, and which are the carnations? Fairly obvious upon inspection, but not upon glancing… And who inspects large pieces from a far distance?

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